"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story within you. ~Maya Angelou"

Telling our stories connects us to future generations.

The Power of your Story

Ever since ancient man recorded stories on cave walls, prophets left us stories on scrolls, and books were first printed, we have been telling stories.

We may minimize the impact our life story may have on others, but each life story is of value to those we leave behind. Our story is a legacy for future generations. But it is also of benefit to you, the storyteller, connecting you to the past and present as well.

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Legacy photo books

Sometimes, photos are the best way to tell a story. But if photos are unlabeled, they end up in the dustbin of history, the legacy lost. My mother and I spent many hours identifying people in photos and sharing the history of who they were in her life. As a result, I was able to create a photo book containing ancestor photos for each member of the family.

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One day I was sitting in my car with my son at a traffic stop in Seattle watching the people in the crosswalk. I said, “Each of those people have a story. My frustration is not having the time to tell all their stories.”

Helping others tell their life stories is my passion and purpose.

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